The Gendered Language Of Gamete Donation Analysis

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The Gendered Language of Gamete Donation In her essay, ‘ The Gendered Language of Gamete Donation’, Caroline Rubin who graduated from MIT and received the Kampf Prize from the University’s Program in Women’s and Gender studies, discusses the gender’s act in which they donate their gametes such as sperm and egg for the purpose of creating a baby. She argues that the advertisement and the language used to influence and to push an individual to donate its gamete is profoundly gendered. Different examples of gendered advertisements are given by Rubin to show the difference between increasing your income and donating your heart. She gives those illustrations to show that sperm and egg donors become influenced and then targeted by different methods of advertisements. This advertisement for gamete donation is typically centered on the ability to get female and male attention ‘’ You are not just donating your eggs, You are donating your heart’’ (314) with this information, Rubben clearly shows the difference between the ads. For males the commercial announcements essentially contain features such as money er benefits such as movie tickets, gift cards, minimal time commitment or free health tests. These ads are usually extermely illustrative and funny. They also…show more content…
Rubin argues that one reason is because of the procedures by which they donate their gametes. For men the process is peaceful and quick then their donation is already pleasant. Women require medical and surgical intervention so their donations can be very painful and serious. On another hand, there is an ideology of two differents spheres. In other words, men belong to wage labor and public sphere, contrary to women who belong to the reproductive and private sphere. Media just reflect what has been passed down for generations and for a woman to be a child-bearer but Rubin argues that it is not media that needs to change it is society because media reflect

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