Summary Of Two Ways Women Get Hurt Kilbourne

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Advertisement Most of the advertisements that are now shown are an appearance of pornography. In the article “Two Ways a Women Can Get hurt,” Kilbourne advertisements convince society by showing people that most commercials are pornographic advertisement. Kilbourne wrote the article towards women notifying them of the dangerous behavior of advertisement. Most advertising show women being controlled by men. In ads, women are usually wearing something provocative encouraging sexual behaviors. Kilbourne informs people that commercials or ads make women look defenseless. Without even realizing, advertisers are disrespecting not only women but men as well. In ads they show men toned, stunning and feeling powerful, making men want to look like them. Especially with women, Women think they have to look like the girls from the billboard which eventually will cause some violence by provoking sexual harassment. When a drunken man commits rape, he is less…show more content…
It is an obsession in Tokyo to act out their fantasies (Kilbourne). Kilbourne tries to explain the audience that you shouldn’t disrespect women or men, or use sex in your advertisements just to get people to buy your products. We are so used to these kinds of advertisement that we don’t realize the harm this is causing not only to us but our younger generation. Young girls are seductively posing as older women thinking it’s common and normal to be sexualized at a young age. As for boys, they think it is okay to look up at ladies skirts, touching young girl’s privates and saying inappropriate words. Although advertisements aren’t really telling kids to do this, they are still involved with it. Kids are influenced with these kinds of commercials; they grow up thinking it is okay to do what people are doing on the television. With this kind of behavior, later on people will just see these situations as “normal” and would not do anything about

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