How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Of Sarcasm

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Meta He AP English Mr.Nutter 02/11/15 Sarcasm Have you ever watched a TV advertisement that shows amazing products and you really want to buy them? You have already fallen into the trap. That is the method of marketing products to consumers. The famous publication devoted to humor and satire called The Onion has published an essay to analyze how the company sells the MagnaSoles shoe insets. In this piece of satirical writing, techniques are used to make the audience more attracted by the product. With the correct usage of persuasive writing techniques such as expert’s opinion, first hand experience and jargons mixed with hyperbolic and unrealistic examples and information, the author creates a humorous satirical article. Satire can be defined as a rhetorical…show more content…
Although the information is obviously hyperbolic, it is used in the correct situation. In the first paragraph, the author defines the explanation of the function of the inserts as “pseudoscience”,which is fake science. It establishes the whole advertisement for the shoe inserts is ridiculous. By citing Dr. Authur Bluni, the pseudoscientist’s words, the author exposes the way for people to trust this advertisement is to invite some professors who probably not exist to talk about some fake scientific principle about the product. “ ‘MagnaSoles is not just a shoe insert’ Bluni continued, ‘it’s a total foot-rejuvenation system’” makes up the shoe inserts have the same function as medicine and physical theory. People can get recovered only by wearing the shoe inserts, so they don’t have to go to the hospital to get treatment. “ If the frequency of one’s foot is out of alignment with the Earth, the entire body will suffer.” Said Dr. Wayne Frankel from the California State University. It even exaggerates that the inserts can heal the whole body, which is the author want to

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