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Some might say that medical advances and surgery are expensive and is inaccessible for the middle to lower class, and therefore not worth the investment, but there are many flaws with this argument. But what they didn’t mention is that medical advancements are extremely beneficial to society, second, being in debt and alive is obviously a more preferable choice than being dead. Medical advancements like vaccines and surgeries save many lives and is saving more as the cutting edge technology further advances.One benefit would be that medical advancements in the medical field have doubled the average Human life expectancy since the 17th century. Before the era of modern medicine, many people did not reach adulthood, and the average life-span is 35 years old. Now, the average life-span stretches into 70…show more content…
This virus who has killed hundreds of millions of people was stopped by vaccines, a seeming unimpressive invention made in the 18th century. Vaccines are shields that protect fragile human bodies from the deadly killers of nature. Preventing another episode of an epidemic from spreading uncontrolled. Another great example of the benefits of medical advancements would be prosthetic limbs. Accidents happen, and even though not all of them are lethal, many leaves the victim injured or disabled in some way. Many military veterans are also injured during combat. Without prosthetic limb they would be left helpless and disabled, living a sub-par life. But with this decently affordable technology, they are capable of doing daily tasks without struggling. Although medical advancements are quite expensive, that is not a reason to stop researching it as the benefits far outweighs its costs. After all, money is only useful to the

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