Metrionic System Case Study Solution

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A. Introduction and Summary Karl Henderson is a senior manager at Metrionic Systems. Henderson has won numerous awards for his outstanding performance and has a very respected reputation. Henderson has been put in charge of a project to develop an advanced network-security device. There has recently been an outbreak of security breaches which is resulting in high demand for a more advanced security system. If a more advanced system is not created successfully there will be many things at stake. These things include businesses that are hacked because the security is not advanced enough, the owners of those companies, and the jobs of the team members that were supposed to create a high-quality device. To be able to create an advanced network-security device is less than five months, Henderson asks the vice president of the company to assemble a talented and competent team. Because the individuals selected need to be one of the best in their field, the team consists of seven individuals that are on…show more content…
A solution to the problem is for Henderson to send out a mass email saying there will be a conference call. He should let his team members know that the call will be happening at 5:00am his time. He should wait for responses from all of his teammates saying which day would work best for them. Although some people might have to be on the conference call at early in the morning or late at night, it is only once a week for five months so they should be able to make it work. No one has to be on the phone earlier than 5:00am or later than 10:00pm. While this might sometimes be inconvenient for some members, the conference calls will allow everyone to stay updated on the devices’ progress, give any input, or ask any questions to the whole group. The conference call with everyone would eliminate any confusion the team members have and ensure the device is made on time with suitable quality. This will allow Henderson to efficiently communicate with the

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