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Evidence-based medicine stresses the importance of applying significant evidences in clinical situations to optimise patient care(3). It is of utmost importance that every clinical scenario is patient-centred and that there is a need to deliver the best patient care. Evidence based medicine aims to do this. Despite evidence based medicine starting in the early 20th century(4), it is still a relatively young discipline with its positive impacts just beginning to be validated. It will continue to evolve as we give answers to criticisms against evidence based medicine and consistently develop new infrastructure and technology to promote its use. While the main topics of evidence based medicine is increasingly incorporated into the medical curriculum,…show more content…
One of the many factors that favour of the practice of evidence based medicine is because it can significantly reduce healthcare cost. In the presence of proper infrastructure and with proper training, clinicians can come up with the most effective treatments in the decision-making process at a shorter time and as such optimise patient care. It also prevents waste on inefficient treatment. While it can be expensive establishing the proper infrastructure and giving the appropriate training to practice evidence based medicine, when looking into long-term goals, it can be a way to reduce the government’s burden on healthcare cost in the NHS. To top that off, evidence based medicine can be easily practice by medical students, doctors and healthcare roles by using the appropriate resources that will search, appraise and summarise the literature which is especially important with shortage of time(6). While it may seem achievable to incorporate the practice of evidence based medicine into our healthcare system, there have been many barriers that is impeding the progress of evidence based medicine and its practice today. A systematic review has been conducted to determine that the main barriers in the practice of evidence based medicine by doctors and related healthcare professionals. These barriers are organised into the categories from the classic definition…show more content…
The aim of most healthcare system is to be patient-centred and to ensure the quality of patient care as the main importance. Hence this quality of relationship with patients can sometimes be a major hindrance to the use of clinical evidences in clinical scenarios. Often, patients’ preferences and own beliefs would influence their role in the decision-making process for their own treatment and hence, it is not always possible to convince patients of a certain treatment that had arose from evidences of scientific trials. Doctors then become more inclined to fulfil patients’ wishes than to follow the strict guidelines of treatments set by evidence based

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