Euthanasia Pros And Cons Essay

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The topic of Euthanasia is always a controversial debate that divides opinions. It is defined as, “The act or practice of deliberately ending a life of a person suffering from an incurable disease or intolerable suffering”. The act of Euthanasia can be grouped into Voluntary Euthanasia, which is the ending of a life in a painless manner, which is conducted with consent. Since 2009 voluntary euthanasia has been legal in Belgium, Switzerland, Netherland, Luxemburg and the state of Washington and Oregon in America. Non Voluntary Euthanasia is conducted where the individual cannot provide consent in cases where the patient might be in a vegetative state. Passive Euthanasia is when life-sustaining treatments are withheld or when dosage of medication is increased in order to end a person’s life. Active Euthanasia is cases in which lethal substances or force is used to deliberately end the patient’s life. This essay will examine the pros and cons of…show more content…
This could affect the trust and relationship between the doctor and patient, however a doctor should be trusted to do what’s best for the patient including managing and if needed ending the unbearable suffering of the patient. This maybe the decision of the patient to want to end their suffering, refusing this could also lead to patients losing the trust of the doctor due to the refusal of the doctor to end the suffering and might look for alternative ways to end the suffering. The initial Hippocratic Oath (400 B.C) states “I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect.” More recently over time, this oath has been altered not to include the above statement. Which could allow for doctors to conduct

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