The Importance Of Maths In Education

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Math is a foreign language to others, but to myself I think of it as riding a bike; once you get on that bike you just keep on going and don’t stop. Honestly, it blows my mind when people don’t understand simple math. When I’m doing work for pre-calc and algebra it feels as if I’m doing addition and subtraction because it just seems that easy to me. I’ve always been put in honor classes throughout high-school which lead me being a grade level ahead in class such as english, math, and science. I never began to understand why I grasp math better than people a grade level ahead of me. I was always the one to keep up with math even if I was in class that day. Also, I always move at my own pace when it comes to math. As I took my seat in this crowded honors and non honors algebra math class I was presented with a “Do Now”. A “Do Now” consisted of 1-3 problems for us to begin our day with. These problems were never challenging for me and I was frequently chosen to solve one on the board. In the same period, I would get nervous working out problems on the board; My hands would become very shaky. The entire time I am writing on the board, I feel as if 1,000 people are staring at…show more content…
At this point I’m slowing working through a y=mx+b formula on the board which looked like: 3y=9x+18. As I wait for the question

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