Medical Technologies Advantages

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The essentiality of improving healthcare is limitless. As such, scientists are continuously striving to employ the use of technologies to enhance the quality of human health. Technologies has affected multiple aspects of the healthcare industry. Not only that it is used to create new medicines, ways of diagnosing, and treating diseases; but it has also drastically improved the efficiency of those processes. The aim of this essay is to further elaborate the advantages of technologies on human health. Firstly, technologies have allowed pharmacists to come up with new medicines. According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), there were 22 new approved medicines in 2016, and 20 as of May 2017. All of these medicines were invented in laboratories,…show more content…
In the past, the doctors diagnostic tool is to observe the patients’ symptoms, or by simply measuring their pulse. They had no methods to access what is going on within the patient’s body. However, modern technologies such as X-ray scanners, endoscopy, and ultrasound have enabled doctors to access in-depth information on the patients’ health statuses. They can now see what was impossible to see in the past. Furthermore, wearable technologies such as smartwatches and smartphones can monitor the person’s conditions based on his/her daily routine, body temperature, and heartrate. The advantage of wearable technologies is that they can monitor a person over a longer period, thus giving a wider scope of information of that person to the doctors. In addition, the information that they provide is also instantaneous, and can be accessed from a distance or virtually. This allow doctors to monitor their patients without having to have the patients being kept at the hospital. These monitoring tools also help doctors to reduce their error rate. Without the necessary information provided from technologies, doctors would have to make many assumptions on the patients’ statuses, and thus have a higher chance of making the wrong assumption, leading to wrong diagnosis, and wrong treatment in the…show more content…
In a medical perspective, technologies have allowed doctors to extract information from the patients that were previously impossible to access (diagnostic technologies). But the overall impact of information conveying is much bigger. Communication and collaboration between medical practitioners are made possible with technologies. It allows scientists to share research studies, to test each other’s’ works, and to continuously build upon each other. It also allows medical facilities, such as hospitals to improve their working efficiencies with IT systems, which purpose is not only to store and process information but more importantly to learn insights from these pieces of information to improve healthcare

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