Environmental Impact Of Transportation Essay

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Environmental Impacts of Transportation Services Introduction The achievement of sustainable has been facing several challenges that are associated with lack of adopting societal activities that are adaptable to the natural environment and humans. Transport is among the activities that society has embraced since it affects people’s way of living by contributing to efficiency in moving from one place to another. Transport also has greater effects on the environment, although it is vital to the societal development and people’s mobility. The increased urbanization has resulted in the growth of transport industry due to the demand for moving from one place to another. It means transport services acts as a linkage of different geographical locations. There are various forms of transport including land, water, and air. Land is the most used because development and design of infrastructures in transport industry are highly dependent on social developments, as well as the…show more content…
As such, this essay discusses different impacts between passenger and freight transport on the environment and potential interventions to mitigate them. The reason for selecting passenger and freight transport in this essay is the increased use of transportation means such as vehicles and the increased demand to use the road as a means of transport. Also, the transport industry is perceived as the largest contributor of air pollution. This paper has an objective of evaluating the measures that can be adopted to mitigate the negative impacts since growth in the transport sector is evitable without endangering the environment or people’s well-being for sustainable development (Van den Bergh 4-10). The essay will be divided into sub-headings including literature review, analysis of environmental impacts, interventions, and

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