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A Surveillance Society In the article, The Surveillance Society, by David Von Drehle, talks about the privacy of today’s society. It is said that “Privacy is mostly an illusion.”, because in our world today, there is hardly any privacy left at all. Today’s society is being watched everywhere they go and everything they do along the way. A surveillance society is a society where you are constantly being watched in every step that you do in life. Ranging from text messages to your credit card purchases. The National Security Agency are the ones who collect all the data from their resources. According to a video, Britain Pushes For Mass Surveillance Society, talks about the intense and numerous amounts of cameras watching people in Britain invading…show more content…
According to the article, technology is everywhere watching over us. There are, for example, video cameras being put on post lights outside and in front of all the stores. Technology is so advanced that smart TV’s can know what we watch. In addition, you are also being watched through highways from the fast passing lanes and the cameras that look at your vehicle’s license plate. Therefore, those cameras can see your license plate to know where you are at the moment and at what speed you were driving. “Every stop by every traveler is noted and stored by internet service providers like Google, Verizon, and Comcast.” (Drehle, para. 3) Another way that our society is being watched is through our purchases at every store we go. Each purchase that we make is remembered and then examined by retailers. “Until recently, there were hard physical limits on the number of pictures that could be developed, videotapes that could be stored, phone-company records that could be typed or photocopied or packed into boxes- let alone analyzed.” (Drehle, para. 4) There is no longer a limit to how much storage of information can be kept. The

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