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Introduction Classrooms today are changing pace with an ever-evolving world where students are introduced to new technology and collaborative learning at a young age. Alongside this, individual differences exist in how students learn. Learning styles vary among students and one type of learning is not a one-size-fits-all approach that will reach each and every student. Recent studies in educational research have allowed researchers to develop understandings into different areas of classroom seating and how seating affects academic performance. In the current literature review, the focus is on the variety of seating options available, as well as how seating arrangement and seating assignment plays a critical role in student learning. This…show more content…
The desk generally has a smooth, wood, laminate top with metal extendable legs. Underneath the desk there is an open space to place pencils, books, and art supplies. The chair too has metal legs, but also features a hard, plastic seat. The plastic on the chair may even be a primary color such as red or blue. This is the norm throughout many elementary schools in the United States. Students go into school each day and sit at their workspace and go about their day, but are the desk and chair combination enough to keep students engaged and…show more content…
Pfeiffer, Henry, Miller, & Witherell (2008) focused the effectiveness of the “Disc ‘O’ Sit Cushion,” on improving attention in students with attention difficulties (Gymnic, 2018). Pfeiffer et al. (2008) studied second grade students in Pennsylvania with attention difficulties, airing the cushion to each individual student’s preference (p. 277). Each student sat on the cushion for two hours a day for two weeks while students in the control group sat without a cushion. At the end of the study, it was determined that student’s attention to task was increased while using the

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