Joint Replacement Model

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Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model Introduction Healthcare system is complex and challenging. It needs to be reformed overcome the challenges in terms of cost of treatment. Transformation of the payment system is essential to improve the quality and efficiency of the care. Transformation of the healthcare system including payment system will help to provide the right care at right time in the right healthcare setting. Besides these, it helps the people to stay healthy and prevent common, avoidable complications of illnesses to great extent. In this essay I will discuss about a comprehensive care for joint replacement model, a new model of care and payment mechanism, its influence on cost of care, systems of care, how to access…show more content…
At the end of a model performance year, a comparison study of the payments will be conducted. The total expenditures for related services under Medicare Parts A and B is compared to the Medicare target episode price for the responsible hospital. The participant hospital’s quality of care and episode spending performance, will decide whether the hospital may receive an additional payment from Medicare or be required to repay Medicare for a portion of the episode spending. Safety and Quality According to CMS, all the hospitals under their services are expected to follow the standard of Medicare program. All the beneficiaries of the CJR, has the right to receive high quality of care. In case if the beneficiary feels that something adversely affects, they should contact the states quality or 1-800 Medicare to report the events. Leadership Competencies Required To provide high quality, patient centered healthcare reformation in many aspects is required. Nursing leadership is one of them. New technology, innovation models of practice and policies and procedures requires advanced leadership…show more content…
As the healthcare system focus on patient, family and community nurses can raise questions and concerns about a new policy implemented in the community. For that, nurses should have a good interaction with the public, and make them aware about the new policy implemented, and how does it impact them in their daily life. I will interact more with the public by participating in the community services provided through my hospital and make them aware of the policies, available resources, and new changes

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