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Abstract The story has a significant role in the development of listening skills of pre-school children. By reading stories about children and listening to them, they grew up and developed the skills of listening, they have a good linguistic output and formed the basics of the language and gained confidence in themselves. We administrated a questionnaire to 12 children's mothers for kindergarten children in Al-Hasa City The goal of developing listening skills by reading stories at an early age is to absorb the good child at this age and accept it for each new and help the child to adapt to the new experiences, and enrich the language of the child by providing new vocabulary and phrases. Introduction English is an international language that began in England, it's Germanic and is one of the most widely spread mother tongues throughout the world. So, learning of this language is important for students, travelers, study abroad and businessmen. English is the broadest and most widespread language among people of all kinds and origins. It is the most widely spoken language in this era, particularly in the tourist countries. For this reason, learning…show more content…
The story also develops aspects of growth in the child personality from the mental and cognitive point of view. Therefore, the child becomes bold, speaks fluently with others, increases his self-confidence, reduces tension and boredom. Also, stories plays an important role in acquiring correct language vocabulary. The child is more proficient in the outlets of the letters and the more proficient in his pronunciation of the words, the more his vocabulary and the ability to be able to install words and sentences. Research Question We aims to answer the question: What is the impact of story on improving English listening Skills for Kindergarten Children in Al-Hasa

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