Centrifugal Pump Case Study

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INTRODUCTION This thesis is to participate in a be trained on the implementation of FMECA on the centrifugal pump at BHEL Bhopal, the preparations needed for its implementation and the transition from a renovation philosophy more occupied with criticality and advance premier renovation for specified add-ons on the foundation of their criticality index and furnish an atmosphere where PM and CBM exist together. Due to this fact, the influence of FMECA on the prevailing protection regime will probably be addressed, as good because the technical features corresponding to ease of operation for recording and transferring knowledge, accuracy to handling data for analysis and applicability to a broad variety of centrifugal pump operations.…show more content…
The vapor pressure of liquid will also be acquired from vapor pressure tables. When the vapor pressure is changed to go, it is referred to as vapor pressure head, hvp. The worth of hvp of a liquid increases with the rising temperature and in outcomes, opposes the pressure on the liquid surface, the confident drive that tends to purpose liquid float into the pump suction i.e. It reduces the suction pressure head.  Pressure Head (hp): Pressure Head must be considered when a pumping system either begins or terminates in a tank which is under some pressure other than atmospheric. The pressure in such a tank must first be converted to feet of liquid. Denoted as hp, pressure head refers to absolute pressure on the surface of the liquid reservoir supplying the pump suction, converted to feet of head. If the system is open, hp equals atmospheric pressure head.  Velocity Head (hv): Energy of a liquid accordingly of its movement at some velocity ‘v’. It is the identical head in meter via which the water would have got to fall to gather the equal velocity, or in other words, the pinnacle essential to accelerate the water. The pace head is often insignificant and can be not noted in most excessive head methods. However, it may be a giant aspect and have got to be considered in low head

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