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Self-assessment Commentary English is one of the most common languages used nowadays. People used English to communicate with each other which makes English become more important. In order to catch up with the pace of the world, there is always a need for me to improve my English. This course has brought me some progress over the semester which will help me throughout my life. At the beginning of the semester, there are different goals for me in English. In terms of writing skills and grammar which are my weakest areas, I think this course does help me a lot. It is because one of the major assignments in the course is the argumentative essay. Through introducing different essay structures and reminder of the steps to brainstorm the essay,…show more content…
Through planning and drafting, I can form a more logical and reasonable arguments. And at the meanwhile, I can make sure there are no repeating, similar or irrelevant points of view, which may cause the argumentative essay less convincing. A good drafting can help me to write the arguments in a more organized and logical way which is essential for readers to read and understand comfortably. Reviewing and revising are a good habit for me, as I can discover myriads of careless mistakes like wrong of word choice and form mistakes. A good argumentative essay should avoid these problems since it will affect the fluency of the passage. These writing-process oriented approaches can effectively raise the quality of my argumentative…show more content…
It is because I am weak in grammar usage. Sometimes there are blind spots which makes me difficult to discover the mistakes I made in the essay. I may overlook those mistakes due to the misunderstanding of the concepts. Moreover, developing is a difficult one to me as a sound argument needs the support of evidence. In some cases, I may not find any relative sources to support my idea due to unfamiliarity in finding academic

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