Lemon Max Paste Case Study

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Trade marketing is definitely amongst the more focused areas as per the re-launch process. The step in particular is quite distinct from other processes including the brand marketing and that too, in a highly essential manner. This critical aspect will be dealing with the marketing of lemon max paste to the supply chain instead. Trade marketing or merchandising focuses on the process in which a product is marketed to the customers in order to ensure access of that particular product to the end consumers. The end consumers encompass those that actually consume the product whereas the customers in this scenario are the retailers that help in displaying Lemon Max Paste. Although the ulterior motive is to attract the end consumers but in order…show more content…
We believe that trade coverage includes maximum resources of time for the complete structure of sales. It inculcates the nature of communication and relationships with the customers along with the prospects. The trade coverage has to be effective. Relevance is highly essential for a brand to call out to the customer. There needs to be better understanding of the essence that drives the consumer towards the product along with the creation of a strong connection. All the action takes place at the point of sale (POS). Point of sale is where the conversation takes place between the materials, environment and the consumer. It is owing to the high levels of significance of point of sale that is the shelf space in this case that the merchandising demands additional attention. Products run the risk of getting stuck in shelf spaces if they are not supported effectively by means of merchandising and promotion. We believe that an effective system of performance indicators will help in the management of promotion strategies. The key performance indicators or KPIs should cater to both internal processes and the market results. The internal KPIs will enable the reasoning behind introduction of a new SKU to be evident whereas the market KPIs will reaffirm whether or not the process should be…show more content…
This can include buy three and get one free offer or a similar offer providing the end consumer with the option of purchasing an economy pack. Collectable gifts such as free samples can definitely create excitement at the point of sale. Value packs and bundles allow the consumers to be attracted towards the product. This will lead to trial and will allow the consumer the opportunity to realize the affordability and usability of the product. As per the observations made in both Lahore and Islamabad, the bundle offers were quite effective in targeting consumers especially when it came to trying out new product

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