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Sheguang Hu has a famous wisdom: “designers can not survive without gimmicks”. Since he had shows, he never cared about people’s comments. He always believed that audience would see the visual impacts first and that is sufficient to create the required impact on their minds. For him if controversies arise, it still creates some brand awareness and he believes that he cannot control them, but it at least makes people think. People live in different backgrounds and environments. In fact, there are a lot of voices saying that the cuts of his dresses are really great while some people think he does not know how to cut the dresses at all. For him, designs come from within and for his designs, he follows what he thinks. You can never predict…show more content…
"Steam era" in human history represents the most developed industrial era, namely the nineteenth century Victorian England which is the pinnacle of the British Empire era. It filled with luxury, elegance, romance and endless imagination. Industrial gear rumble resounding steam as the primary power source, promotes the rapid development of technology and people's material world. The depth and breadth of people’s cognition have been greatly expanded. However, "punk" means the rejection of tradition and compromise of authority, it is a symbol of a kind of unconventional utopia spiritual core. Two unrelated concepts collided with this novel art form- Steam punk. The picture is from SHEGUANG HU Sheguang Hu is very good at using the stars to create a gimmick. Indeed, he invites celebrities to join his fashion shows every time and not every designer has such a capacity. Therefore, we can say that he has a business brand creative mind. The picture is from SHEGUANG HU At the same time, the leather accessories designed by SHEGUANG HU and GOFEFE were seen in a long awaited show. The Elizabethan Musharraf leather collar took over twenty days to make, used four whole calf and weighed more than ten

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