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Tyler Fagan portrays brilliant rhetoric skills in his rhetorical analysis of Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. He analyzes Obama’s speech in its ability to captivate the audience, and its ability to persuade the listeners into believing in his his candidate, John Kerry. Tyler describes the audience in a way that shows they are listening intently to Obama’s speech, and they are believing and trusting what he says. During his analysis, Tyler describes two of the three rhetorical elements in Obama’s speech, and how he uses each one throughout the speech. The most important element in Tyler’s essay is the clearly stated exigence in the beginning of the essay. At the start of the essay, Tyler clearly states he is going to be discussing Barack Obama’s ability to persuade his audience. He is talking about how Obama has the opportunity to convince the audience that John Kerry is a great choice for president. Tyler is so interested in this speech because it is a perfect candidate for an analysis on the rhetorical elements of a text. With the speech being the main idea of the essay, the exigence of the essay is very well represented and referred to throughout the essay. With the opportunity for change clear in the minds of the readers, Tyler discusses the audience and the purpose of the speech.…show more content…
The audience is mesmerized by Obama’s speech because he uses personal anecdotes and a powerful and diverse vocabulary to bring up important points. Throughout the speech, the audience is on a roller coaster of emotions, and this is very helpful in captivating the audience. Obama knows his speech needs to be important to the audience because they are going to be the voters in the upcoming election. Based on Tyler’s essay, the audience was very interested in Obama’s speech due to his use of the rhetorical

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