TOEFL Persuasive Research Paper

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TOEFL Preparation Online Free Non-native speakers of English need to demonstrate their English language skills when applying to study for a course abroad, migrate or settle. The popular English language tests that measures the English skills of the applicants are- TOEFL, IELTS and Pearson’s Test of English. TOEFL, known as Test of English as a Foreign Language is offered in two modes — paper-based and internet-based or iBT. The candidates are required to fulfill the university requirements where they are wishing to study. Getting high scores on the TOEFL iBT is not just a matter of luck but success on the TOEFL test depends on three major factors which are- knowledge, skills, and attitude. If you have these three skills, then you can definitely get high scores on the TOEFL test. There are a number…show more content…
Pay attention to Writing- When you are attempting TOEFL writing section, try to think about the topic first and then write down your ideas. You can also create an outline, including an introduction, body and a conclusion. Start writing once you have an outline. When you have finished, read what you have written again and correct your mistakes if there are any. 5. Speak clearly and confidently- There is no need to rush while you are speaking out the responses during the Speaking section. Several seconds are enough to summarize the topic/conversation. If you do rush, you will end up messing it up due of limited time and exam pressure. Moreover, you will also be tested on clarity, fluency and relevancy of content in your speech. It is not necessary to recall all information from the lecture/conversation. But whatever you speak should be logical and closely related to the topic. 6. Develop Vocabulary- We advice candidates who are preparing for TOEFL to develop their vocabulary for the test. When doing this, be sure to underline new words and then looking up their meanings in a dictionary. You can use these new words in sentences during your speaking and writing

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