Why I Chose To Become A Community Midwife

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I can think of no better career for a compassionate, nurturing and determined individual than midwifery. A job that entails so many fascinating and unique experiences is the sole reason for my determination to apply myself at school, college, part-time jobs, and self-study. My intention of this is to achieve a goal which I am incredibly passionate about; to become a community midwife. I would describe myself as an academic person, as I have always loved learning and composing written documents whilst at school and college. I believe that writing is one of my key skills, as I have the ability to put information across clearly and make essays interesting to read. My grades reflect this. I am very proud of my achievements whilst at education…show more content…
Therefore, I have undertaken numerous part-time jobs and work experience placements in order to better prepare myself for the role. My previous and current jobs have been within both the retail and administration sector. This has given me the opportunity to work with many different people from the community, including different backgrounds, cultures and ages. It has also allowed me to develop my communication and listening skills. As a result of this, I am confident that I can take on new roles and be successful, as having good communication and listening skills are essential in any role. I gained administration experience whilst working as a receptionist. This allowed me to gain confidence speaking on the telephone, and composing professional emails for clients and colleagues. This experience can be applied when I compose and update patient records, and for communication. I have also been lucky enough to gain experience working in nurseries and day-care facilities. I voluntarily undertook many responsibilities, including caring for infants age 6 months to 5 years. I enjoyed composing their individual care plans. I understand that everyone has specific needs which must be catered

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