Crime Scene Investigator Career

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Crime scene investigator (CSI) is one of the many professions under the police and law enforcement category. It is widely associated with the popular series CSI where a group of investigators present at a crime scene, collecting evident to be analyzed. This profession is exactly what is portrayed in the popular crime series. CSI is also called as forensic technician or forensic scientist that carefully collects data or evidence left behind in the scene (How to become a crime scene investigator, 2015). They try to look for DNA or fingerprints that were left behind in order to seek the truth of a particular crime. Besides that, CSI may also require to conduct testing on weapons, clothing, fiber tissues or hair left behind at the crime scene (University…show more content…
Besides federal law enforcement agencies, CSI may work with local and state government agencies. The agencies that employ CSI are crime labs, medical examiner offices and law enforcement agencies (How to become a crime scene investigator, 2015). CSI may seek work with high-status agency such as Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or New York Police Department (Crime Scene Investigator Career, 2015). CSI has wide area of responsibilities when it comes their profession. It is no surprise that CSI are required to write reports and records of their observations. Besides that, they may require to draw or reconstruct a particular scene based on the observation and evidence collected (How to become a crime scene investigator, 2015). Their main responsibility will be to make sure that the prospective evidence is not contaminated (How to become a crime scene investigator, 2015). Preventing the evidence from being contaminated is very important in order to avoid ruining the evidence and also jeopardizing the…show more content…
The greatest degree to be obtained in order to be qualified as a CSI would be degree in forensic sciences or natural sciences (How to become a crime scene investigator, 2015). In addition to that, degrees that will provide the biggest competitive gain would be crime scene investigations, criminal justice, cyber crime, forensic psychology and criminal investigations (Crime Scene Investigator Career, 2015). Every agency has different hiring qualifications toward CSI. The most common qualifications that are required would be having a U.S citizenship, no convictions (felony nor domestic violence), and are above 21 years old (How to become a crime scene investigator,

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