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1. Do all plants contain gluten? Make a list of plants that contain gluten. - No gluten is not found in all plants, it’s found in wheat endosperms. Some plants that contain gluten are plants such as wheat bran, wheat germ, durum, einkorn, farina, matzo, semolina, spelt, emmer etc. 2. What are some known health issues that some people consuming gluten have? - A well-known health issue caused by consuming gluten is celiac disease. Celiac disease is caused by the immune’s system response when gluten is consumed, due to the abnormal response, the lining of the small intestine can be damaged. With this damage to the small intestine, essential nutrients are not absorbed. 3. Find a recent scientific article that relates consumption of gluten to brain…show more content…
Ugolik introduces the article by stating that many Americans have developed a gluten-free diet due to recent claims that it may increase the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. The author states that many studies have shown that avoiding gluten has spread rapidly due to the possibility of mental health issues. In a survey conducted by a Food Marketing Institute, 59% of people claimed that gluten-free foods are healthier. A gluten-free diet is a challenge be its “a difficult and expensive and socially isolating diet”. A book by Dr. Perlumtter stated that foods with high glycemic indexes, (most gluten-rich foods) can increase the chances of neurological disorders. Some recent studies show that people with celiac disease have had neurological responses to the gluten consumed. Some the responses included headaches, “brain fog and trouble controlling their muscles”. Although there have been studies, researchers clearly need more research to have a better correlation between mental health and diet. In conclusion there are people with celiac disease that suffer from gluten ataxia, “difficulty moving the limbs after consuming

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