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Crime Scene Related Profession: Crime Scene Cleaner Noemi Bouchan Mrs. Andrade, Mr. Bristol, Mrs. Rossetti Project 1 6 October 2015 It was said by the great detective Sherlock Holmes that, “No matter what situation arises, one must adapt oneself to the tools at hand.” What he meant by this is that although you may be put in a variety of different situations for whichever reason, you have to adapt to the situation and work with what you have. This applies to the job of a modern day crime scene cleaner. They have to deal with everything that is left behind at a crime scene, because most of the time the scene is very gruesome they have to adapt to the situation and get the job done. The career of a crime scene cleaner is to clean…show more content…
A crime scene cleaner responds to the scene of violent crime. ”Crime scene clean up specialists start by getting clearance from police and other investigators to start working.” (Williams) Family members or business owners hire them to deal with the situation that occurred. A crime scene cleaner cleans up the remaining of a crime scene. They arrive at the end after the crime scene is free of all crucial evidence. The main purpose of this job is to clean up the crime scene after all the evidence is gathered and to also help the families cope. “As second hand responders, crime scene cleaners are not members of the law enforcement but often work closely with police officers.” (What). This means that crime scene cleaners do work with law enforcement and other units that are similar to them…show more content…
First lets start with the basics or protective gear. There are non-porous gloves and body suit, which are used once. They also use filtered respirators and chemical-spill boots. Now in order to clean up the crime scene they use the following materials. Biohazard waste containers are used to dispose hazards. Heavy-duty bags and sealed, hard plastic containers are also used to dispose hazards. Then there are the typical cleaning supplies, which are mops, buckets, spray bottles, sponges, and brushes. Now the hard-core cleaning supplies consist of an ozone machine, which removes odors. Foggers that are used to thicken a cleaning chemical so it can get all the way into tight places like air ducts. There are industrial-strength deodorizers, which are essential to get rid of the bad smells. There is also a strong Enzyme solvent that kills bacteria and viruses and liquefies dried blood (Layton). They also use putty knives, which are used to remove organic matter (How). Now a cool little tool that I personally thought was very interesting was luminol. Luminol is used to detect blood splatter on any surface (Crime

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