CSI And Crime Scene Investigation

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Over the years there has been an unprecedented interest in forensic science and crime scene investigation. This interest is due to the popularity of television dramas such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. CSI focuses on how the application of various forensic science techniques can be used to solve crimes. CSI and other television shows produce their unique versions of crime scene investigation and of forensic science, which in turn influence the public. The influence of the media on public perceptions of forensic science and crime scene investigation is significant and can ultimately affect police officers, forensic scientists, and the criminal justice system. The media’s depictions of crime scene investigation fundamentally construct the opinions of the public towards police officers, forensic scientists, and as a whole the criminal justice system. CSI does not accurately portray the reality of crime scene investigation, it is only used as…show more content…
In the episode of CSI the investigators used the help of other investigators to analyze evidence, and same with the simulation, the investigators pointed out evidence and the criminalists examined it. However, I believe there are many more differences between the roles shown in CSI and the roles acted out in the simulation. CSI makes forensic science and crime scene investigation fun, entertaining, and easy. When in reality, crime scene investigation is a lot of hard work, a lot of critical thinking, and time consuming. Also, CSI uses superior high tech forensic science which was not exactly what the investigators and criminalists in the simulation used. CSI inaccurately portrays the realism of crime scene investigation. CSI fails to adequately illustrate crime scene investigation and it is a false representation of forensic

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