Criminal Justice Career

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Criminal justice is a growing field; roughly 3 billion people were employed in criminal justice careers in 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It's an interesting field with many career possibilities. Daymar College offers one of the criminal justice programs in Kentucky and can help you prepare for an exciting career. Criminal Justice Programs in Kentucky Prepare Students for 6 Exciting Careers Law Enforcement Officer A police officers duties are to maintain public safety, work to prevent crimes and apprehend criminal offenders in their communities. Police officers also liaise with other agencies, such as the court system, to make sure that offenders are prosecuted for their crimes. All law enforcement officers attend basic…show more content…
Typically this involves creating rehabilitation plans, including home and work visits, electronic monitoring and overseeing drug tests. This is done to ensure the offender isn't a danger to themselves and is no longer involved in criminal activity. Corrections Officer Correctional officers work in jails and prisons, overseeing individuals who have either been arrested and are awaiting trial, or who have been convicted of a crime and are serving time. Like law enforcement officers, corrections officers go through a training academy, as well as receive on the job training. Border Patrol Agent United States Border Patrol Agents work for the Department of Homeland Security and are responsible for all border-related security. This involves patrolling the borders between Canada and Mexico for terrorists, illegal aliens and smugglers. Border patrol agents also work with other law enforcement agencies to manage immigration and the importation of goods. Attorney Studying at one of the criminal justice programs in Kentucky is the first step in a law career. After completing a 4-year degree, you'll need to take the LSAT for admission into law school. Passing the Bar exam in your state after graduating from law school will allow you to practice law in your

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