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Criminal Justice From 1980 to 2008 the number of people incarcerated in America has increased tremendously from roughly 500,000 to 2.3 million. The criminal justice system has three key elements that regulates in everyday life in the system, Law enforcement, the courts, and the penal system. The law enforcement, involves the police, prosecution, and defense that deals with offenders to report the crime and arrest to prosecution in court. The court is the key that makes the decisions about pretrial detention and deciding on sentences for those convicted of the crime committed. The penal system is the jails; prisons, probation, and parole officer stand, making sure the inmates are in check. The criminal justice system goes through many changes, most often from government change or the people. There are many jobs in the criminal justice field for example a crime scene investigator. Key words for knowing your career job choice is Education, skills, and knowledge of what the income you will be making in this career. Crime Scene Investigator Description…show more content…
They start off their work at crime scenes and then proceed to labs to process any evidence. Crimes happen anytime and crime scene investigators are on duty day and night to process the scene. They determine how the crime could have been committed and who, how, and where it took place, by Collecting and examining the scene, evidence such as bullets, fingerprints, and object at the scene. They walk the scene first to determine what evidence is available, then how to collect it. Taking photographs of the scene and taking notes. Using special tools to carefully collect the evidence like tweezers, black lights, and kits. At the lab they process the evidence and report to law enforcement for the results and what was useful to solve the

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