Forensic Science Research Paper

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The branches of chemistry that are most commonly used in the field of crime scene investigator are medical examiner(or forensic pathologist) and forensic analyst. Medical examiners are the ones that conduct autopsies and tries to find out as much as they can from the victim's body. Medical examiners investigate human organs, determine cause of death, keep death records, and identify dead corpses. Determining time of death, which aides the police, and the prosecutors as they try to hang a murder conviction on a suspect or killer. Forensic analyst are responsible to classify and perform tests on pieces of evidence lifted from a crime scene. For instance hair, fibers, tissue, and guns. All the evidence must be stored and handled following established…show more content…
However a crime scene investigator doesn't affect neither the environment or the economy. The reason for this is that they only work in a closed building and they do not tend to investigate environmental or economical issues. As of 2008 there were 12,800 forensic analyst jobs in the United States. In the field of forensic science there are only about 400 board forensic pathologists in the United States. The average salary of a forensic analyst is about $52,000 as of 2008. For a forensic pathologists the earning will be between $80,000 to $120,000 per year. In United States both forensic analyst and forensic pathologists are missing and since there are many cases every year, there should be more people working in those fields since there are too many places available. If you are wishing to become one forensic pathologist, you must complete 4 years of college, then 5 years of clinical and anatomic pathology combined. After that you must then do 1 or 2 years of a forensic pathology fellowship, after which you can sit the specific forensic pathology board exam. If forensic analyst is your choice then you have to get a minimum of a bachelor's degree in natural science or forensic science( some labs require a master's
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