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The career that I have chosen to pursue is becoming a Crime Scene Investigator. A crime scene investigator is a person who investigates a crime and collect evidence. They are also the ones to testify their evidence. The salary of a CSI can be 27.29 hourly but at entry level 17.49 and 56,750 to 74,220 annually depending on where you are located. The education requirements in becoming a crime scene investigator is post-secondary with training after high school but it is encouraging to get a bachelor as a minimum in criminal justice or some type of science. Some benefits of the job include paid vacation, paid sick, learning new things, and saving lives. Some of the cons of the job is that it can be stressful, dangerous, and long shifts. In this career there are 59 openings in my region and this is due to growth. For the work environment as a CSI you can work in the field or in the lab. You may have to work cases such as double homicides, car wrecks, or even terror attacks. You may have to be on call always since crime happens 24/7. As I researched a career I also did an over the phone interview with a Forensics Scientist. I asked a forensic scientist from Florida, her name was Lisa Black and she told me that before becoming a csi I need to…show more content…
Even the watching the show all the time may not fully be the same as real life I still want to go into the forensics field. I will enjoy this field because of the discovery of finding a criminal and being able to give people justice. The life style does seem challenging when it comes to becoming frustrated, high stress levels, and being on call 24/7. I know it will be a change for me but I think I can manage or will be able to manage it. My thinking has not change in a bad way but from doing this assignment it’s given me the implication to go into more depth about the career that I want to go

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