Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God Analysis

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Jonathan edwards "Sinners in the hands of an angry God" explains how God will cast those who sin. I feel like this is true and that there truly is a God as well as a Hell as jonathan edwards states. God sees everything so it's impossible to get away from sinning which is why i feel like he gets angry due to the fact that people think he's not going to do anything because he's good. What i mean by this is that everyone sees God as a peaceful man, nice as well as generous so he wouldn't do anything to hurt us. This is where people are wrong because that's like taking his kindness as weakness. Just because he's nice doesn't mean he won't get mad that we sin. Here's what i feel is the real situation. God forgives of course as we all have been told that but there's only so much we can do until he gets tired of it. It's not like one is going to sin then say " its fine God will forgive me". Yea he will but if you do it continuously i feel like there's going to be a consequence he'll provide. Of course…show more content…
I agree with him 100 percent about this because i come from a christian church and after every service they ask to save lives. By this people would become as Edwards would say " new creatures". Being saved makes you a new life because now your soul is God's and i feel like that's all he wants. He gets angry because people live their lives not knowing that one day they'll die but their soul will go to hell even being a sinner or not. We were born sinners but because we live in a sinful place so God's goal is to save as many souls as he can so that when people do die their souls belong to him. How do we do this? By simply being saved or better yet converting your self to the lord repenting your sins. I feel like that's the only thing that God wants back from us as his children but people walk around like he doesn't exist and are so ignorant so that makes him
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