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"Question" Write about a page on how you would collect data on alcohol history for a large cohort study compared to a case-control study. Cohort Study: Baseline: 20,000 participants 2 years follow-up (20 pages max) (5-6 pages Qx max) Collect: Alcohol history Update Alcohol variable Time window? Detail Level? Protocol: Mailed, in-person interview, electronic? Protocol, Qxs, time window? Case-Control Study: Int = 1 hr max (Qx 30 page max) N = 500 Case 500 Controls Collect: Alcohol history Time window? Detail Level? Protocol:interview, mailed, …? What time period would you collect for each (e.g. how much did you drink yesterday, last week, in the last month, last year, lifetime?)?…show more content…
interview, mailed questionnaire, blood sample, etc.) How much info would you collect - what level of detail. Then in a few sentences compare the differences in the data you would have from the prospective cohort study compared to a case-control. Which would be more detailed? More accurate? Would you collect more information for 1 design vs. the other. What do you think the advantages or disadvantages are and are there differences in quality? "Answers" Cohort Study: - Time window: 1 year before. - Detail level: more details. 1/ Have you ever drink Alcohol? 2/ At what age did you start drinking Alcohol? 3/ How often do you drink? 4/ Do you have any history of alcohol in your family? 5/ In the last 3 months, how many times have you had five or more drinks at the same day? - Protocol: Electronic. 2 years Follow-up: - Time window: 2 years before. - Detail level: more details in every follow-up. 1/ In the last 9 months, how many times have you had five or more drinks at the same day? 2/ In the last year, have you ever blackout due to drinking? 3/ Have you ever feel guilty because of Alcohol? 4/ How many times in these 2 years you tried to stop drinking
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