Gender In Hockey Essay

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Gender has been related to hockey since the moment hockey became recognized as a sport. This eventually led to start the first women’s hockey team and established female leagues across Canada. “The first recorded game took place in Ottawa in 1891” which impacted many Canadian females nationwide. Furthermore, hockey’s controversy between women and men concerning recognition as well as support for their respective teams has also arisen throughout the history of hockey. This topic explores how women are perceived in hockey and their role as women in society even as hockey was beginning to be modernized. Moreover, women’s take on hockey have influenced many generations following from the start of women playing hockey as a recreation activity…show more content…
Women fought harder against discrimination when the Women’s Right movement begun. However, the stigma of a male dominated society was far much powerful before the Women’s Right movement and this added onto the notion that women had to be categorized in their belonging as inferior than men in society. This same journal article, Gender in ice hockey: women in a male territory, explains further this ideology by saying the following “Sports in general are considered to be the bearer of the male norm; traditionally considered ‘male sports’ are prioritized before ‘female sports,’ male athletes are prioritized before female athletes and men’s sports performance is considered better than women’s.” Therefore, this quote proves and demonstrates how the abilities of females wouldn’t be taken into account but rather the stereotype and discrimination was suitable to distinguish whether a woman could be capable of being an athlete. As a result, discrimination has played a major role in the restriction of female hockey players which did not allow them to be recognized by means of the public nor pay attention to their abilities as a women’s hockey

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