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YOUR NAME: Brittany Boyd Title of Issue: Are Today’s Youth More Self-Centered Than Previous Generations? Author and major thesis of the Yes side. Based upon their research, Jean M. Twenge, Sara Konrath, Joshua D. Foster, W. Keith Campbell, and Brad J. Bushman, conclude that Generation Y is more egotistic than the previous generations. Author and major thesis of the No side. In contrast, Kali H. Trzesniewski, M. Brent Donnellan, and Richard W. Robins’ research contends that the amount of egotism presented by Generation Y is no different than the generations prior to it. Briefly state in your own words two facts presented by each side. Facts: YES side Facts: NO side Narcissism has both positive and negative effects.(p.176) “Narcissism has some positive features.”(p.176)…show more content…
Opinions: YES side Opinions: NO side Growth in egotism is only positive contemporarily and can lead to a negative outcome in the future.(p.182) The NPI Entitlement subscale is better at predicting measures of aggression(p.192) “…generation is a better predictor of narcissism than scores than gender.”(p.181) When discerning information about the birth cohorts, sampling is more important.(p.191) Give three reasons that support the argument made by the YES Side, then rate each reason as weak (W), moderate (M), strong (S), or very strong (VS). Provide a short rationale for your rating of each argument Arguments supporting the YES Side Rating Rationale for Rating Narcissism is increasing amongst Americans.(p.176) S America promotes narcissistic behavior through the media and technology. For example, cellphones now have front facing cameras. Front facing cameras center the attention on one’s self instead of the
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