Diversity In Legal Profession Essay

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Diversity in legal profession has been a priority for some now. A minority would deny or oppose the value of diversity in the legal profession. Many arguments and debates have been put forward as to why diversity in the legal profession is needed and also, suggestions as to how to secure this diversity has been made. These arguments and, or debates has been won severally but, do we have diversity in legal professions now, or is it myth? Legal services at high levels and in prestigious firms are mostly dominated by white, male lawyers from high socio-economic backgrounds.This however, is not solely because of discrimination but rather is a result of the barriers faced by individuals seeking careers in the law firm. These barriers range from…show more content…
Also, women lawyers earn lower incomes on average than the males. Diversity and merit is an important aspect in the judiciary as it enhances the quality of justice given. The judiciary has to be impartial and diverse because most of the important decisions, such as matters of life, liberty and other competing individual and societal interests, in a nation and its people are decided by judges. So, the people that undergo their judgment must be confident that the judgement made were impartial with human and societal understanding. For instance, a woman would be better suited to judge a case of another woman, as she, the woman judge, would be able to better relate with women issues. Also, having judges from different ethnic and religious backgrounds would allow judges adjudicate on cases based on their background experiences. That is, when judges are appointed from the higher socio-economic background, they adjudication the case based on their experiences from their background. And, when it is a case with a defendant from an ethnic minority, judges from lower socio-economic background would adjudicate on cases based on their background experiences as well. This eliminates bias and encourages

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