The Wire: Mass Corruption Of The Jail System

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Fahey Clark Afro 215 Final Essay December 8th, 2014 The Wire The message in which The Wire portrays can be related to a limitless number of problems in today’s society, especially with the mass corruption of The Justice System. This corruption up top generates a change amongst the people who are forced to live and abide by society’s condescending law book. This is where drugs come in; with such a dishonorable chain of authority, the people living in these famished neighborhoods are forced to make decisions greatly influenced by their social circumstances. With no other options, folks are forced into a life of crime and drugs which leads to their incarceration. Film and television has always been a pseudo political outlet for many writers and…show more content…
The show provides an in depth perception on how the jail system works, and how harsh the consequences are for many nonviolent crimes. They both cover how much easier it is to be incarcerated in a struggling neighborhood rather than a wealthy neighborhood. The crime in which the poor are surrounded from since birth is always holding them back. It’s an inevitable cycle of drugs, violence, and poverty. On the other hand, the rich population is surrounded by a lavish lifestyle in which they are surrounded by positivity in their communities. The essay sheds light on how only certain social cohorts of the population are mainly targeted for the incarceration as a result of these nonviolent crimes. The group most focused on are individuals from poor communities who are surrounded by drug war affiliated crimes. The incarceration of these individuals does no justice for the community, it, in fact, makes it even harder for the poor to achieve a normal lifestyle. The incarceration of these people effect the families in which are tied to those particular individuals. Without a proper family structure, many people from these less fortunate communities end up locked up due to the fact that they had no proper guidance. They had no one to support them, so they turned their heads to drugs and gangs. For many teens, gangs provide the same support as a family would, and they are taken under the wing of these gangs. Most of these individuals are minorities of African American descent, which goes to show that the mass incarceration in poor communities are more intense towards certain social cohorts. This can be seen across America, especially in times like this. Recently crimes against the black youth have taken the media by storm, stories popping up left and right. Protests in the black communities just looking for an answer as to why certain lives are put above others’. It’s because of how

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