Argumentative Essay On Charter Schools

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Public Schools- The Best Education Where are we supposed to get the best education for our Children? This is the question thousand of parents have asked everywhere. In response to this pressing question Charter Schools were formed. They were, for a long time, to be a better education because of less strict of a curriculum. However recent studies have given us new information and brought Charter Schools into a new light on if they are the best thing for our children. Information such as how charter schools have started to become racially segregated, a lack of special needs care for students who need it, and no proof of educational improvement or in even worse cases a decrease of improvement. This has become one of the most heated debates…show more content…
Public schools, as we know teach by a strict curriculum helping children learn what they need to for life ahead. Charter schools however, have a loose curriculum designed for experimentation and more opportunities for innovation. It is a nice idea, but certain problems are accompanied with it. One of those problems is that “ Charter schools... often require parents to participate in school activities, meaning that students at charter schools are more likely to have parents involved in the education process.” (“Charter Schools.” 2) With parents in the education process, more help is given by parents to alumni in charter schools, rather than public schools where parents do not play a big part in the schooling. This cuts the education of students at the knees as the parent helps the kids get the grades the parent desires, therefore preventing the child from learning as much. Another flaw with the flexible curriculum is that in certain cases it does not teach the students what they need to succeed. Infact a report from Representative Roebuck that I glanced on shows “the average spp score for traditional public schools was 77.1 but for charter schools it was 66.4”. (“Problems with Charter Schools” 7) This leads us to the conclusion that charter schools might not be teaching everything that public schools are. More proof of the benefits of a public school education versus a charter school. We do also hear about all those innovations from charter schools, however “Research reveals that in practice, Charter school ‘innovations’ too often occur more on the management side than the educational side of schooling.” (Wraga, William G. Charter Schools Are No Better than Public Schools. 1) Innovations of management of schools is not teaching kids valuable things - it is teaching the teachers valuable things. The

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