How Did Mont Medec Fight In Canada

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- Canada's participated in World War I because of Britain's declaration of war on Germany. - 3000 miles of Atlantic Ocean was between Halifax and the war in Europe. The distance protected for the Canadian cities but there was still a threat of German submarines attacking ships in the harbour, or as they crossed the Atlantic. - British Navy would make Halifax its base of operations. Troops were assigned at fortifications at; McNabs Island, York Redoubt, Wellington Barricks, and the Armouries. - They had a blackout system so submarines could not use the lights for assistance. - Attached submarine nets at the harbour every night. - Haliax was busy during that time. Railyards were full of trains, harbours were crowded with ships. - The Mont-Blanc…show more content…
Weighed 3121 tonnes, and a net cargo capacity of 2252 tonnes. - It was armed with a 95mm gun mounted on the stern and a 90mm gun on the bow. - In the ship, it had 2366.5 tons of picric acid, 250 tons of TNT, and 62.1 tons of gun cotton. On the deck, 246 tons of benzol barrels. - Around 300 rounds of gun ammunition, some stored below, some on deck. - The captain of Mont-Blanc was Aime Le Medec, who was in control for 41 French sailors. - The Imo was originally named the Runic. - In 1917 the Imo was part of the Belgian Relief Commission, therefore neutral and sailed alone. The side was painted the words "Belgian Relief" to protect it from enemy attacks. - The Imo weighed 3161 tonnes. It was 430.7 feet long, 45.2 feet wide, and 30.3 feet tall. - The captain of the Imo was Haakon From, sailing with a crew of thirty-nine. - The strong engine gave the ability for the Imo to sail at 12 knots, but as a result, it was harder to navigate in tight quarters such as the Halifax Narrows. - The combination of transverse thrust, giving more speed, and the overall size, the Imo was difficult to maneuver. - The Mont-Blanc had a similar propeller and engine setup, but slightly slower and more

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