Summative Assessment In Schools: Assessment Policy Outlines

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NIHS – ASSESSMENT POLICY OUTLINE OF CONTENTS 1. NIHS 1.1 SCHOOL VISION STATEMENT We are committed to empowering learners to reach their full potential through a holistic education. Our students develop an appreciation for cultural diversity while being prepared to become confident, responsible and active world citizens. 1.2 SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT • Providing our pupils with learning opportunities that maximize their potential through a structured programme of academic and extra- curricular activities. • Offering challenging, internationally recognized qualifications • Emphasising the development of socially conscious and environmentally aware world citizens, with a compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. • Nurturing…show more content…
Teacher planners will identify opportunities for reflection during individual lessons. 3.2 ASSESSMENT TOOLS AND STRATEGIES* 3.3 EXAMPLES OF FORMATIVE/SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT * Formative assessments are used on a daily basis within our school to measure what the students’ knowledge and experience may be, in order to know how to proceed with the lesson and learning goals. Teachers use a variety of assessment forms from verbal assessments to pre-tests in order to monitor students’ learning. Based on the results of the formative assessments, students, parents and teachers can evaluate the students’ learning and make the necessary adjustments. Summative assessments are given at the end of a teaching unit or course for the purpose of evaluating mastery. Teachers use a variety of assessment methods as mentioned below in order to assess the level of mastery demonstrated by the student. FORMATIVE SUMMATIVE • Portfolios • Coursework • Research proposal • Extended Essay • Practical work • Class participation • Poster • Project…show more content…
MONITORING AND REPORTING ACHIEVEMENT 7.1 NATURE OF REPORTS NIHS takes an active role in communicating students’ achievement. In order to keep parents and students up to date on grades and progress monitoring we use an electronic report which is sent out according to the assessment and reporting calendar. (See appendix 3.5.1) A hard copy of the reports are given out to the students by their form teachers as per above. In the case of departing students the report is sent by email. 7.2 PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS In addition to the reports monitoring students progress parents are notified of student achievement and progress during conferences between the student, parent and teacher. Under special circumstances a HOS or parent may request a meeting to discuss specific student progress. 7.3 PROCESS FOR MONITORING and REPORTING INTERNAL ASSESSMENT/CAS/TOK/EE/CIE

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