Ponyboy Character Analysis

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Other characters in the book see Ponyboy as a brother, whether or not they are related. “We’re almost as close as brothers; when you grow up in a tight-knit neighborhood like ours you get to know each other real well” (Hinton, 3). As far as people that don’t personally know Ponyboy, he is often grouped into the Greaser stereotype, despite his other qualities and sides. On page 15, Ponyboy tells the story of the day he had to dissect a worm and ended up using his switchblade after fumbling with the given razor. A girl near him says, “They are right. You are a hood” (Hinton, 15). However, after Ponyboy and Johnny rescue the children from the burning church and Dally rescues the boys, they are seen as heroes. “‘I swear you three are the bravest

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