Cinderella Vs Chinese Cinderella

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In The Chinese and German Editions of Cinderella There are many differences and Similarities That make these two stories grate. Both Cinderella’s Face crazy obstacles like deal with their Messed up Family members. In both renditions in the story the godmother supports Both of them in party’s they attended. The stepsisters always treat them like crap telling Cinderella she will never amount to anything and that she might as well not even go to the ball. In the Charles Perrault Version The Godmother Ask Cinderella to go to the garden and bring a pumpkin. Many of Their Family members Hate them Because of Success Like The siblings they all share the hate of Cinderella for no apparent reason. In The French and Chinese Story Both of them involve many different animals that help Both Cinderella’s in Their Journey to the top. Both Are very similar in working hard to accomplish a goal In the Chinese Version She has a fish that grants her wishes the fish is essentially her godmother and even her stepmother takes that away from her by killing and cooking her fish. If that’s not bad enough she ate the fish and Ye-Sheen never found out.…show more content…
Both Cinderella’s experience major changes to the body and clothing only truly for one single day but only the family from the French version actually see their sister and think its not even her ‘When the two sisters returned from the ball Cinderella asked the if them if they had been well entertained, and if the fine lady had been there”. They even try to find the glass slipper her sisters didn’t even take her seriously they laughed at the possibility of her being the true beautiful woman from the

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