Dr. Simmons Case Summary

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I believe the action that Dr. Simmons should take is to tell Mrs. Abbot the truth about the treatment he chose for her and explain why it’s beneficial that he didn’t tell her about the treatment, then immediately stop the medication because it’s the right thing to do in this situation. It’s the right thing to do because Dr. Simmons disrespected her autonomy by not telling her she was on the treatment. Autonomy means to direct your own life or make choices for your own life which Mrs. Abbot was not capable of doing. I think that it is good that he disrespected her autonomy at first because Mrs. Abbot wouldn’t be capable of making that choice since she is addicted to the sleeping pills so Dr. Simmons had intervene to make it stop and put her on right track.…show more content…
It’s beneficial that he didn’t tell her about the treatment at first because if she knew about the treatment she would not stop taking the sleeping pills and would still be addicted. This relates to the principle of paternalism which means overriding a person’s action or decision making for their own good. In this case Dr. Simmons overruled her decision making since she was addicted to the sleeping pills and he was doing it for her well-being. Since Mrs. Abbot was addicted to the sleeping pills it seems plausible that he went ahead and gave her the treatment that would benefit her to get off the sleeping pills because if she had the choice to pick, she would probably refuse the treatment. By Dr. Simmons making the decision for her he produced more good over bad for Mrs.

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