Adeline Yehn Ma's Chinese Cinderella

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sad, scared, depressing. This is what Adeline has to go through every day, will she recover or just keep suffering in Niangs hands? Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yehn Ma is depressing story because adeline is Hated, leaving the family, and having members of her family pass away. Adeline was hated by quite a few people. Adeline was mainly hated my Niang, she also was hated by all of her brothers and her older sister because the death of her mother when she was born. Niang and her Father were hard on her ever since she moved to her dad’s house in Tijing. “How would you like to have my birthday party”(Yehn Ma 125). This clearly states that her father did not pay any attention to her and she was hated even by her father. But also I do not think this because her father is actually giving her a b-day party.” Not only are you a liar and a thief, but nothing will ever come from you” (Yehn Ma 103). I think this clearly states that Niang hates her and nothing good will ever come from Adeline. All in all, Adeline was not loved too much in her family. Really, the only related person who loved her was her Aunt Baba.…show more content…
Her father was always angry at her and eventually just made her leave. “ How would you like to have my Birthday Party” (Yehn Ma 125). This states that Adeline's father not just hated her but also forgot about her because she was away at multiple boarding school for such a long time. I also don't think this because her father is actually picking her up.”sorry father, have we arrived yet”( Yehn Ma 124). This states that Adeline was indeed moving or on a long journey to a boarding school. Adeline didn't just get kicked out of the house, she left the house

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