Adeline Yen Mei's Chinese Cinderella

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Adeline's childhood was painful and hard for her, but her courage and hope helped her triumph over her despair. Even though her life was painful and tough she still had hope to bring her to the top. The memoir, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mei, is depressing because she was accused, forgotten, and unwanted during her childhood. During her life, Adeline was accused every day by her entire family. An example of this is when Niang said, “Where did you get this money?...Until you give me the true explanation of what is going on, you will have nothing to eat or drink.”(Yen Mah 102). It is sad, because Niang punishes Adeline for a little coin when she was trying to protect Aunt Baba. In edition, “Later, after Father returned home from work, he came into my room a towering rage...the dog whip looped around his arm. He ordered me to lie facedown on my bed and he whipped me.” (page 104). This is depressing, because it is not right to whip a girl for a little coin, especially be her own father. Overall, Adelines life is hard because she was accused for many things, and was punished and beaten for a tiny miscommunication.…show more content…
For example, ”The stewardess asked me to fill out these cards. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your chinese name...How old are you now?” Father said. (page 125). This is sad, because her father forgot her own name, even though she is his daughter. In edition, Adeline thought, “Nobody had come for me”….They don’t even know I wasn't home. (page 30-31). This is depressing, because it hurts to be forgotten and left alone when your family doesn’t care about you. In conclusion, Adelines life was sad, because she was forgotten many times. Her family forgot her own chinese name and date of birth and did not

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