Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella

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Adeline has one depressing life, she is always doing stuff that no one likes. However, the way she lives her life is one way to a happy life later on. The novel, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah is a depressing story that talks about Adeline's life time story and what she has to go through. She is always unwanted, her parents send her to a orphanage, and she always feels like she is invisible. Adeline is never fitting in, she always feels like she’s unwanted. For example, “If you had not yet been born, Mama would still be alive. She died because of you. You’re bad luck.” (Yeh Mah 3) Her siblings were saying she’s bad luck and no one ever gives her a chance in life. Her stepmother and her Father never care about her. Another example, “They blamed me for Mama’s death and never forgave me, after all it was never my fault.” (p. 4) Blaming Adeline for her mistakes and Mama’s death is one thing her siblings do to her every day. Her siblings always cared about the rest of the family before her. Overall, Adeline will never fit in at her school, with friends, and her family.…show more content…
“Father and Niang took me to North Tijiang to separate me.” (p. 124) Her parents obviously didn't care about her. They were sick of her and her presents. When she got to the orphanage, “No Chinese, we speak only English or French here!” (p.127) Her orphanage wasn't going to accept her attitude. They never let her speak her own language and her own culture. All in all, her parents never liked her, so she goes to a orphanage and she doesn't like it there one

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