Shen Vs Chinese Cinderella

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In fact, it wasn't until the year 850, that this story would be adapted to suit another powerful nation. The Chinese version of Cinderella story was very different, but had the core features of the original story. The story starts out about the cave chief name Wu. He had two wives, and each gave birth to a girl. The chief and Yeh-Shen’s mom, dies out of nowhere. The stepmother hates her, because she was more beautiful than the child she physically gave birth to. Since she was more beautiful than her daughter, the mother showed her repercussions for it such as doing their chores. Yeh-Shen each day would go to the pond to feed her fish. She loved that fish a lot, that her stepmother dressed up as her, and assassinated the fish. Then an old man came out of nowhere, and told her to put those…show more content…
The Han Dynasty was the true reason why this adaptation came into existence. The Han dynasty promoted literature and other arts for the first time in China (Department of Asian Arts). Past dynasties were just focusing warring with other countries, or rival city states. The invention of paper was finally created it, and it would very hard for this adaptation to die since they had an effective way to record keeping. Another cultural influence in this story was the hinting of their tradition of foot binding. Foot binding is forcing your feet not to grow when you’re a little kid. It was considered being honorable towards the family, and showing that you’re wealthy (Strochlic). Foot binding was very common back than in ancient China, but in the 21st century, it’s a dying tradition. The fish that was in the story is one of the most cultural objects in Chinese history. Fish, especially the magic carp, is considered to be lucky. It was said that a carp could change into a dragon (Xiaoyu). Most Chinese families would actually have pools around their house, hoping that they will get some luck from

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