Pet Plt Exposed In Adeline's Chinese Cinderella

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In the novel ‘Chinese Cinderella’, Adeline writes about her life of rejection and hardship of a family who didn’t love her. Adeline is rejected by her family because she is thought to be bad luck since her mother died very soon after she was born. She gets stronger and wiser from hard times like loneliness at a boarding school, the death of her pet duck PLT and being rejected by her family. What helped her through this hard life was advice from her Aunt Baba, gaining confidence through entering a play writing competition and the death of her much loved pet duck PLT. With all of this, Adeline becomes a stronger and wiser person at the end of the book. Winning the play writing competition allowed Adeline to gain confidence to do things later on in her life. She is not confident since she was rejected by her family and felt like she couldn’t do anything. Winning the competition allowed her to not be rejected by her parents for once in her life but accepted. When she wins the competition, her father comes and picks her up at the boarding school and praises her for her work. Instead of rejection, her Dad sends her of to study at a university. Normally her parents would punish her because she did something without…show more content…
PLT was like Adeline’s best friend and she felt that PLT really cared for her. Because her duck had died, her reaction to the death of Ye Ye wasn’t as strong, meaning that she would be more use to losing a loved one. The death of PLT also made Adeline more aware of being lonely and it made her more use to loneliness at the boarding school in Tianjin. When PLT died, Adeline said,” -She was my best friend in the world and now I’ve lost her.”(pg. 97) This shows that Adeline had a strong relationship with PLT. From PLT dying, Adeline becomes stronger because she became used to deaths and loneliness which helped her later on in

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