Personal Narrative: The Authoritarian Parenting Theory

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It is clear to see we are in some very bad times that only appear to be getting worse. The violence, addiction, depression, suicide, unplanned pregnancies, and just overall hatred for each other we experience can be overwhelming, to say the least. I have a theory. The events that took place on September 11th were extremely traumatic for all of us, on a whole. After that event, we only focused on protecting ourselves. We never put enough focus on healing ourselves. We all are broken and are just trying to survive broken. All these horrible things we are seeing a crisis of in our current society sprung from that brokenness and the ripples, or patterns of that brokenness. Has the newest generation of parents seem to have started to correct that…show more content…
There was the occasional national media making event, but none like 9/11. It was undeniable traumatic. We felt an urgency to protect ourselves and so that became the number one priority. We forgot to heal ourselves and so we are broken, and how well can a broken shield protect a knight? Since we never got to what the root of what our core brokenness was, we allowed this weed to grow out of control. The parents of today are now realizing that. They are realizing that the authoritarian parenting style does not work because you need to be happy. You need to be heard. You need to be loved. They are realizing that the permissive parenting style doesn’t work because you need discipline. You need responsibility. And so they are finding that balance between the two styles in…show more content…
Their methods in parenting are the same with just a few differences in technique because the core value they feel is important to instill is different. Lillian’s core value is respect and so there are a bit more established guidelines, such a bedtime routine. Daphne’s core value is morality, and so her parenting style differs in that she focuses on things such as, sharing. The overall similarity they share, though, is that they both understand the importance of communication and encourage their children to let their voice out and be heard. Neither Lillian or Daphne spank, but they both talk to their children to make sure they understand why what they did was wrong. The only difference is Lillian implements a time out of one minute, probably because it falls in line with what her core teaching is. Both are high in warmth and nurturance. Daphne said that the easiest thing to do as a parent is to love. Lillian said that she gives her best to her children so they can be their best. The parents of children now are realizing the importance of giving and receiving love openly. They both are moderate in their expectations and maturity demands of their children and also the clarity and consistency of their rules. They understand that kids will be kids, but they also need to learn responsibility. They give their children age appropriate decisions, responsibilities and chores. Lillian

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