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Dosabite Dainah Our Issa’s light rised in the heavens when I woke. In the Earth, the many rivers separated the tribe from the plain. And many buffaloe and deer runned by in the dusty plains. When I woke, my flesh and blood is chanting to Dabai and praising our Dear Issa. A long day waited me, many work was to be done. The animal need to be skinned and the crops need to be tended and many herbs and shrubs need to be gathered. The house need to be cleaned and rituals need to be performed. When Dabai is nearing the horizon, my hands ache and my legs can barely stand on the hard ground. I go to Gahni and I wait for there to be no light. I stare high at the heavens and see the Issa’s beacon leave and the world darkens and the soft, white light of Muh lights…show more content…
I sit with no worry, the cool blowings of the Earth soothing my aching body and heart. The beauty of Nature overcomes sorrow and despair and pain while Muh illuminates my wandering brothers and sisters. As night falls, I see my people go back to their home until Dabai rises again. At the vanishing of Muh, they ready them for the day that awaits us granted from our Issa. With the last light, I drift to sleep along with all my kin. When light came, so did the Dosabite Dainah. They were strange men. Their skin was as pale as the moon and their hair was like corn. They seemed startled as their faces twisted into anger when my people came to them. They rised their tubes at us, and my people just stud there, looking at the Dainah with many questions. One of my own tryed to talk, but the men just waved their barrels and motioned for their leave. There was a man on the ground. He seemed in pain, his face was crumpled and he grabbed at his leg often. Something pushed me to help the poor man. He looked in so much pain. Nimerigar was making him suffer, to kill him and take him as their own. Issa came upon me and forced me

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