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Write ONE character analysis –personality (use quotes), background, key milestones, how the character develops / changes or why you like/don’t like this character Adeline Yen Mah (Wu Mei) Count: 437 words Hard Working/Smart In the opening chapter, Adeline is awarded a medal for topping her class. When her siblings see this at the dinner table, they immediately try to play down it's importance. Although the third brother congratulated Adeline on this big achievement, second brother's action, backhanding Adeline across the back of the head, said it all. He envied her achievement but never admitted it, this is shown through the quote: "Because I feel like it, that's why, you ugly little squirt! This'll teach you to show off your medal!" Adeline's big sister was also furious about the medal she wore on her left breast pocket "Take that! Medal-winner! Teacher's pet! Who do you think you are? Showing off week after week." Adeline's siblings actions showed how much they didn't care about her, they treated her like she should be invisible. Adeline's achievements also implied that she was a very smart girl. Motivated…show more content…
Adeline thinks that if she studies hard and gets great marks, her parents will notice her and send her off to university to study. When Adeline's flown back to Tianjin to stay at a boarding school, Father couldn't remember her name or date of birth. This shows that her own father couldn't care less who she was, "...I'm afraid I've forgotten your Chinese name. Is it Jun-qing?" pg 140 "No Farther. That's Little Sister's name. Mine is Jun-Ling" pg 140. Because Father can't remember her date of birth either, Adeline is given her Farther's birth date which she is delighted about because it is the first time her Father made a conversation that was not scolding
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