How Does Mental Illness Affect Families

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My opinion on mental health is closely related to others who aspire to be a member of the social work community. The very common response to mental illness is to turn a blind eye, because it is easier to ignore what makes us uncomfortable than to attempt to fix it. Mental health is not something to be ignored, but to be treated. I do not believe that many neurotypical people understand the drasticity of mental illnesses and the effect they have on the patient’s everyday life. Mistreated or undiagnosed illnesses can result in severe damage. The same applies to mental illnesses due to the fact that they have a tendency to worsen over time. Mental illness leaves no area of life untouched, but when a person is sheltered from the reality of mental…show more content…
Many families do not know how to speak to children, nevermind one another, about mental illness and so the topic is largely ignored. In my family, the stigma surrounding mental illness was promoted as a result of general ignorance. I have a well respected family that holds no prejudice against those with mental illnesses. I understand they are not trying to be insulted or discriminating, I think it is directly resulted from the old age thoughts on illnesses you cannot see. This is a common thought amongst people of older ages, because as with most social issues, their ideas are based solely on the way the were raised and their generation. This intolerance is not persistent throughout my immediate family, more amongst my extended older members. My mother works within the social work field amongst children and adults with physical disabilities. I have never had a desire to work within the sector my mother does, so I distanced myself from the social issues like: lack of organizations and funding for inhome care to those with disabilities. Seeing my mother concerned over social issues surrounding disabilities sparked my passion to help others, and become more proactive within my…show more content…
The opposing side truly believes that mental illnesses are an excuse and those coping are weak and lazy. Culture always has a large impact on the views of the citizens; depending on where you are within the world, your point of views will differ based upon whose opinions/ideas have reached you. I feel mental illnesses don’t get the respect they deserve. The stigma the mental health has received is often perpetrates those suffering as extremely unstable, disabled, and a danger to those around

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